Learn Applied Anatomy

Cleveland Clinic and Zygote Medical Education bring decades of academic expertise and the latest innovative technology to give your students an immersive clinical learning environment.

Proven Curriculum

Courses combine real-life patient scenarios, stunning virtual settings, and industry-leading 3D models to deliver a clinician approach to anatomy discovery. In an individual or group setting, our curriculum utilizes world-leading best practices to provide learners with an authentic educational experience.

Superior 3D Medical Content

Our unparalleled content development team has led the industry for over two decades producing the definitive virtual anatomy library with comprehensive, detailed, and rich 3D prosections configured to correlate with curriculum objectives.

Innovative Learning Solutions

With a simple and intuitive interface, our solutions focus on learning objectives to provide students cohesive experiences across Virtual Reality, mobile and desktop platforms. In the VR lab, local and remote students can engage curriculum independently or with instructors and peers. Supplementary to the VR experience, students can review curriculum using their personal desktop or mobile device.

Zygote Medical Education
Cleveland Clinic

Available Fall 2019

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